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Epoxy Floor Systems

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Epoxy Coatings | Thin film | High build | Chemical resistant | Electrostatic Dissapative

Hybrid Coatings | Broadcast systems (silica, quartz, decorative chips) | Polyurethane | Polyaspartic

Trowel-downs | Urethane cement | Micro cement | Plastic mortar | Troweled quartz

Specialty | Seal concrete | Stained Concrete | Stamped overlays | Joint fill and reconstruction | Cove base

Commercial Systems Include

Residential Systems ​Include

Garage Systems | ​Metallic Epoxy | Decorative Chips | Solid Colors | Quartz Broadcast

Outdoors | Faux flagstone | Stamped overlays | Stained concrete | Kool deck for pool area

Indoors | Micro Cement | Any garage or outdoor system will perform well indoors

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When you choose us as your designated flooring company, you will realize the value in your decision the moment we answer your call. ASF Company thrives on client satisfaction and with professional, certified lead installers trained on over fifty various resinous and cementitious floor systems, we prove naturally confident in successful executions. Seamless flooring is a growing industry and as more people become educated on the benefits offered over conventional flooring, it's not hard to see why we get excited; ​and you should too!