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  • Balcony
  • Home
  • Driveway
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  • Recreation room

We hold traditional values, in that:

  • we stand by our work
  • we are customer oriented and driven
  • we take pride in what we do
  • we keep our promises and deliver

Whether you are wanting a simple garage coating or to completely change the look of your floor with an intricate colonial brick overlay, we are a one-stop shop for all your decorative concrete needs.

Any system. Anywhere.

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Your unique, seamless concrete floor won't go unnoticed! 

Make the seamless choice


conventional flooring

Significantly lesser carbon footprint

Less maintenance costs than carpet and tile


Sealed applications protect design and floor finish

Water-proof and chemical resistant

​Applications for all settings

Many designs are possible with ASF Company, but even a simple application can prove the beauty of what we can do for you. Transform your floor into a work of art - overnight.

 Priced by the square foot,

quality by the square inch